Dr. Stefan Hinz

President, ISPRS Technical Commission I “Sensor Systems”

Prof. Stefan Janos Hinzreceived his Phd “summa cum laude” in 2008. His research activities in remote sensing and computer vision go back to 1998. From 1998 until 2003 his work focused on the development of theory and methods for automatic extraction of linear infrastructural objects - mainly road networks in urban and rural environments - from single and multi-view aerial or space-borne optical images. As team leader at the Remote Sensing Technology department of TU Muenchen (2004 onwards), Prof. Hinz’ research interests concentrated on automated image understanding using remote sensing images. Special focus was on model-based methods for detection and characterization of dynamic processes with particular emphasis on traffic flow in urban environments. In this context, his group developed image analysis models for different sensors such as optical, infrared and Synthetic Apeture Radar (SAR) data of different scales. Since 2006, research activities extended to methods for automatic analysis of high resolution optical and interferometric SAR images - in particular TerraSAR-X - with focus on Persistent Scatterer SAR Interferometry and high resolution SAR simulation of urban environments

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