Dr. Jie Jiang

President, ISPRS Technical Commission III Remote Sensing

Dr. JIANG Jie received her BSc and MSc. degrees in applied geophysics from the Changchun Geology University, China, in 1985 and 1988. In 2000she got her PhD in surveying engineering from China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing). She worked in the Municipal Urban Planning and Management Information Center of Changzhou during 1989 to 1999, National Geomatics Center of Chinaduring 2000-2018. Now, she is full professor inBeijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. She was responsible for constructing the national spatial database for navigation during 2000-2006, took in charge of establishing the national spatial database for e-government during 2006-2008, took the leading position for construction the national geo-information service platform “MapWorld” during 2008-2015, and took in charge of national program for producing regional geo-information during 2016-2018. She is now president of ISPRS TC III on Remote Sensing(2016-2020).

Abstract of Speech

With the rapid increase of satellite image resources, image-based mapping has become the mainstream, which makes it possible for us to quickly obtain regional geospatial information. In recent years, China has made use of ZY-3 and other domestic satellite images to carry out regional mapping and land cover data updating. This presentation will introduce the work and achievements.